Zoning Bylaws and Ordinances

The City of Henry tries to keep this page up to date and adds new ordinances when they are adopted. Although the city tries to keep this page updated, it is up to the citizens to be informed and abide by all ordinances. All ordinances can be viewed at City Hall.

Zoning Bylaws


Zoning Ordinances

Chapter 1 – General Provisions┬áRelating to Zoning

Chapter 2 – General Provisions

Chapter 3 – Establishment of Districts

Chapter 4 – Provisions Governing Far Districts

Chapter 5 – R-1 Districts (Low Density Residential)

Chapter 6 – R-2 Districts (Low Density Residential / Mobile Homes)

Chapter 7 – Provisions Governing PC (Planned Commercial) Districts

Chapter 8 – Provisions Governing Planned Industrial Districts

Chapter 9 – Definitions

Chapter 10 – Exceptions and Modifications

Chapter 11 – Special Provisions

Chapter 12 – Enforcement

Chapter 13 – Board of Zoning Appeals

Chapter 14 – Amendment

Chapter 15 – Legal Status Provisions

Subdivision Regulations