• I just moved into the area how do I get service turned on?

To turn on service you will need to come down to city hall during business hours. You will need to bring a copy of your Drivers License along with a copy of your Social Security card. A payment of $75.00 for water and / or $75.00 for sewer “$150.00 for both” is also required for connection. At this time we do not take credit cards, but we do accept cash or check.

  • I had a leak in my home that has been repaired. Can I get the water bill adjusted?

You can bring a copy of the repair bill or a receipt for the materials used for the repair to city hall, along with this completed form. This can only be done once in a 12 month time period.

  • I just sold my home. How do I get the water turned off?

You need to come in to city hall and fill out a cut off form.

  • Can I drill a well for irrigation?

No. You are not allowed to drill a well of any sort in the city limits of Henry.

  • I want to fill my pool. Can I have the fire department come out to fill it?

No. The fire department is not allowed to fill pools. If you wish to fill a pool please fill out this form and deliver it to city hall before you fill so we can adjust your bill.



  • The alarm is going off on the outside box. What do I do?

Push the red button on the box outside.  Call City Hall at 243-4091.  If it is not during normal business hours please leave a detailed message.

  • I / someone drove over the lid to the septic tank. What happens now?

Call City Hall at 243-4091.


  • I want to get trash service. How do I?

There is a $15 fee to start trash service.  The application is available online.  If you cannot come to City Hall in person you can mail the application along with the $15 fee and two proofs of ID to 1232 Pioneer Road.

If you are coming to City Hall, you can bring the completed application with you or you can complete the application in the office.  Please bring two proofs of ID with you.

  • I no longer want trash service. What do I do?

Call or come by City Hall and the services will be discontinued

  • My trash can is broken. What do I do?

Call City Hall at 243-4091 and a replacement will be provided.

  • Do I have to use the trash service?

No.  However, you may not use any other trash company.  Fill free to take trash to the Henry County landfill.

  • Is there curb side recycling pickup?

No.  However there are recycling bins located in the City Hall parking lot.

  • Where is the closest landfill?

The Paris-Henry County Landfill is located at 1140 Jones Bend Road, Paris.  Contact the Paris Henry County Landfill at 731-644-1737.  The Paris Henry County Landfill is a class III/IV and only accepts brush and construction debris for local disposal.  Household garbage is accepted at landfill transfer station.  Waste Tires are accepted as well for small fee.

Traffic Tickets

  • I just received a ticket in the mail. How can I pay it?

Payment can be made online, by phone or by mail by following the directions on the violation notice.

  • I wish to refute the ticket I received. How do I do this?

Visit the website on the violation notice or call the number on the notice.

  • I never got pulled over. Why did I receive a ticket in the mail?

The City of Henry, Tennessee utilizes manned photo laser to enforce traffic laws of the State of Tennessee.  Accordingly, pursuant to the terms of Tennessee State Law, the Police Department is authorized to operate automated photo (LIDAR) units to enforce public safety violations.  An officer visually observed your vehicle being driven in a manner that violated public safety by exceeding the speed limit.

Civic Center

  • I want to rent the Civic Center. How can I?

Call or come by City Hall to check availability.  The civic center agreement is available online.  You can complete it and bring it with you in order to save a few minutes of your time or you can complete the agreement in the office.

Bill Pay

  • Does the city offer online bill pay?

Not at this time.

  • What happens if you do not receive my payment on time?

Payments shall be due on the first of each month.  Payments not received by the 10th of the month shall be subject to a penalty of 10%.  Payment must be received by the close of business hours on the 10th of the month to avoid the penalty charge.  If the 10th falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday (in which City Hall is closed), payment will be accepted, without penalty, on the next business day.

  • Do you have a drop box?

Yes.  The drop box is located to the left of the door at City Hall.

  • Do you take credit cards?

Not at this time.


  • Can I hunt on my own land inside the city limits?

Yes, as long as all Federal and State regulations are followed.

  • Can I target shoot inside the city limits?

No.  It is unlawful to discharge a firearm in the city limits for purposes other than hunting.