A Brief History:

Henry, Henry County’s second oldest incorporated town was founded on April 1, 1861 and grew due to the thriving Louisville & Nashville railroad. The town was originally chartered in 1880. That charter was revoked in 1900 and reinstated in 1907. Henry’s original business section grew beside the railroad, as both passenger and freight trains stopped to service surrounding communities. At least six stores had been established before a fire destroyed the commercial section in 1904. The town rebuilt with even more stores built on the west side of the tracks. But on Christmas Eve, 1907 the town burned again due to children playing with Roman candles. Again the stores rebuilt along with a boarding house which catered to rail travelers as well as L & N employees, which was constructed beside the Mid-Way Road.

In the early 1800s Jeff Alexander, J.D. Upton and other leaders who wanted the towns children to received good educations, purchased property and built a school house. The two story structure was named Henry Station Male and Female Academy. In 1912 the school was replaced by Southern Training Academy on land donated by Dr. C.N. Wright. The institute later was absorbed into the county’s public system.


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Hours of operation are M-F 9am – 3pm. phone (731) 243-4091


Chief of Police Nick Oatsvall. For all police emergencies please call 911.

Fire Department

Fire Chief Keith Qualls. For all fire emergencies please call 911.

Public Works

Director of public works is Ed. Bush. For all water emergencies please call